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Game Overview

Play the classic 1980 pacman game, eat all of the pac-dots to complete the level. Stay away from the four ghosts (Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde)

Game Play Instructions

Use your arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to move pacman around the maze.
P: Pause/Unpause game
Q: Quit Game
M: Mute/Unmute sound
Eat all of the pac-dots to progress to the next round.
If a ghost touches Pac-Man, a life is lost. When all lives have been lost, the game ends. You can eat the other prize items to gain bonus points

The four corners of the maze have larger flashing dots "power pellets" that provide Pac-Man with the temporary ability to eat the ghosts. The ghosts turn blue, move slower, and reverse direction allowing you to complete the maze easier.

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